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Nu Dimensions Nutrition was founded in 1998 after many years of searching for a diet that would help our pets achieve superior health and wellness. The resulting diet is formulated to provide the nutrition that our pets require in a form that is biologically appropriate. Both dogs and cats have evolved to be primarily carnivores (they eat meat).  Both canine and feline digestive systems are intended to digest raw meat, bone, and some vegetation.  Nu Dimensions Nutrition pet food was created to feed that same, natural, diet to our pets and yours.

Nu Dimensions Nutrition pet food is made to ensure companion animals get a varied diet consistent with their biological needs.  We use only fresh, wholesome, and raw foods in our products.  All flavors of NDN pet food are made with no added hormones/antibiotics, USDA Inspected Meats, and Organically Grown Vegetables.  No fillers, grains, additives, or preservatives are ever used.  All meats are human consumption quality, we never use 4D meats or rendered meat by products.  In order to promote wellness, our pet foods are available in 10 flavors.

NDN pet foods are prepared in small batches, by us, to ensure the highest product quality and packaged to provide convenience, while allowing you to custom tailor the raw diet to meet the specific needs of your unique companion animal. 

We have created this website to educate people about NDN products and the feeding of a biologically appropriate raw diet. It is our hope that you will enjoy visiting our site. We have tried to make it informative and fun! Please keep in mind that this website reflects our opinions (and our extensive research) on the topics of raw feeding and herbal health care of your companion animal. Always remember that no one knows your companion animal better than you do. Trust your intuition and instincts to guide you on your quest for vibrant health and happiness for your animal friends.

Thank you, for trusting us to help you with your best friend's health and nutrition! If you find a link that doesn't work or anything that is not user friendly, please let us know.  All of our customers are important to us and we value your feedback and correspondence.

NDN Pet Foods are a product of The Shady Grove Farm, Hurdle Mills, NC

This website is not intended to replace professional veterinary care and guidance.

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This website is not intended to replace professional veterinary care and guidance.

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